2021 stickKFlic Challenge: Guidelines & Information

Create an original, motivating and inspiring stickKFlic for your 2021 goal(s) and get the chance to win $1000 USD!


Tell the world the story behind your goal, what you’ve been struggling with and how you’re planning on overcoming it this year with your Commitment Contract.

stickKFlics are commitment stories shared on video. It’s a one-time video announcement of your goal, where you can share why and how you’re planning on tackling your goal.
Keep in mind you can only submit one stickKFlic per Commitment Contract.


1️⃣ Write it down! ✍️

Create a stickK Commitment Contract with your goal - it can be your New Year’s Resolution if you want ;)

Click here to create a Commitment Contract. 

2️⃣ Create a stickKFlic 📹

Submit it by February 28, 2021 to be eligible. To be able to submit a stickKFlic, make sure you have an active Commitment Contract.

📱How to upload a stickKFlic on iOS / Android:

  1. Tap on your active Commitment Contract
  2. Tap the blinking ‘stickKFlic’ icon located in the middle of the bottom navigation menu. Tap ‘Continue’.
  3. Use the in-app video recorder or upload a pre-recorded video to submit your stickKFlic.
  4. Tap “Submit”. Your video will be submitted for review. Once it’s approved it will be displayed in your Commitment page.

🖥 How to upload a stickKFlic on Web:

  1. Click on your Commitment Contract to go to your Commitment’s details page 
  2. Click “+ stickkFlic Add a Video” button under your Commitment description 
  3. Click “Agree & Continue” to acknowledge you agree to the Terms & Conditions 
  4. Record a video or upload a pre-recorded video. 
  5. click ‘Submit’ when done. Your video will be submitted for review. Once it’s approved it will be displayed in your Commitment page.

3️⃣ Winners will be receive an Email from stickK and announced the first week of February on stickK’s social networks

Keep an eye out eyes double exclamation mark for an email from a team member letting you know you're the winner. Make sure you have double checked your PayPal address to make sure it's active and verified. We'll ask you to enter your PayPal 'payme' link or email address in a secure form to send you your prize. 

Make sure you check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the big announcement.  


Prizes & Selection Process:

🥇 1st place: $1000 USD
🥈 2nd place: $500 USD
🥉 3rd place: $250 USD

What we’re looking for: Originality, Creativity and Inspiration

  • Originality: Everyone is different. Although we might have similar goals, we have our personal reasons why we want to achieve that particular goal - make sure this aspect shines through on your stickKFlic. We want to know your story. 
  • Creativity: Although not necessary, editing your video is more than welcome. Check out the section below for examples of creative and unique stickKFlics. 
  • Inspiration: Motivate your friends, family, the stickK Community and the world. Be honest and tell us why and how you’re planning to succeed on your goals this 2021. 

Need some inspiration or guidance? Here are some of the most inspiring and best stickKFlics we’ve seen so far: 


All video submissions must adhere by the stickKFlic code of conduct! 

Important dates: 

February 28, 2021 - 23:59 EST → Challenge closes. Videos (stickKFlics) submitted after this date will not be eligible to enter the competition. 


Submissions accepted until: 23:59 EST February 28, 2021
Payment: Verified PayPal account required to receive the prize. Make sure you have an active and verified PayPal account to be eligible to receive the prize. 

Other important deets:

By accepting the monetary reward associated with the prizes mentioned above, users agree to allow stickK to use their stickKFlic in promotional material and on stickK’s social networks (as social media posts, promoted social media posts and other marketing material).

Doubts or questions? Contact us:

envelope with arrow support@stickK.com
closed mailbox with raised flag 228 Park Ave S
      PMB 15494

      New York, New York 10003-1502

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