How to edit to your goal-setting Campaign

On stickK, goal-setting Campaigns are sets of actionable goals (Commitment Contracts) that have a general, overarching purpose (eg. Fitness challenges, medication tracking, green initiatives at the office, etc).

stickK Campaigns are great for groups, trainers, educators and companies. You can create a goal-setting campaign for your group for free. Get started here

If you have already created your Campaign and you want to make edits, here's how to do it:

1. Log in to your stickK Campaigns account here: - click "Sign in" and enter your credentials. You will be taken to your Administrator dashboard where you can see all your Campaigns (active and inactive). 

2. Once you're on your Campaign dashboard page, you will see a blue "Edit Campaign" pencil button on the right hand side, next to your Campaign name. Click this button to edit your Campaign. 

You will be able to edit the following elements when editing a Campaign:

  • Campaign name 
  • Campaign description (displayed to users that activate your Campaign)
  • Campaign logo
  • Activation code associated to your goals 
  • Length and start date of the campaign
  • Toggle on or off per-commitment settings (eg. have different Referees for each Commitment or have the same Referee/Supporter for all Commitments in a Campaign)



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