Unbanning (or re-inviting) a user from a Campaign

Unbanning or Re-inviting a user

If there is a user that you would like to re-invite to committing to your goals, you can unban them directly on the User Management page. 

Unbanning (or re-inviting) a user will:

  • Issue another invitation to the user to join your Campaign(s)
  • Allow them to create Commitment Contracts that are part of your Campaign(s)

To unban a user from your Campaign(s): 

  1. Log into stickK
  2. To unban a user, head over to your Campaign dashboard
  3. Go to your User Management tab. Look for the user you’d like to unban from your Campaigns and click on the green ‘unlock’🔓 icon next to their email address on the right hand side of the screen. 
  4. Click ‘Confirm’ when the following pop-up appears: "This user is currently banned from your Campaign. Would you like to re-invite [stickK username] to your Campaign? This user will gain access to the Commitments that are part of this Campaign.

Unbanning a user will give the user access to the Campaign(s) that the user was a part of. Commitments the user previously had cannot be restored. The user will have to recreate them if he/she wants to commit again.


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