Commitment Journal

A one-stop shop for your Commitment's progress

The Commitment Journal is a one-stop shop for you to share anything related to your Commitment's progress. It is intended for your followers (Referees & Supporters) but mainly for you: to see yourself grow.

Every Commitment Contract has a Commitment Journal. We highly encourage you to share your progress, jot down some notes, update your Supporters/Referee or add any progress pictures into your Commitment Journal.

This space is there for you to see yourself grow as you work on your goals. Share your mishaps, your successes, your feelings and any other relevant piece of information that you deem is related to your goal, your future self will thank you for that!


To access your Commitment Journal, select the Commitment Contract you'd like to see and head over to the 'Journal' section:

  • On web: Select your Commitment Contract from the homepage and scroll down to the 'Journal' section.
  • On iOS/Android: Select the Commitment Contract you'd like to see. Once you're seeing the details of your Commitment Contract, tap the 'Journal' tab located on the bottom right part of the screen

A word on privacy

At stickK, we completely understand that some goals are personal and you'd like to keep them that way. We also understand that context plays a big part in all goals: if you want to make your goal public you can do so, but if you want to keep private things private, you can also do that. Our platform provides the flexibility to keep personal things personal, while at the same time allowing our users to share their commitments with other users looking to commit to something similar through our Communities. 

You can change each of your Commitment's privacy settings -even your past Commitments- by doing the following:

  • On web:
    • go to the Commitment's page
    • click on the orange 'Details' button
    • click the orange 'Privacy settings' button
    • edit your preferences to visible to 'My referee and Supporters' only 
  • On our mobile apps (iOS/Android):
    • tap the Commitment you want to edit 
    • Scroll down to the 'Details' section 
    • tap the lock icon next to the details section
    • edit your preferences to visible to 'My referee and Supporters' only 

When you select 'visible to my referee and supporters only', only the people that you invited to that Commitment to either support you or ref you on your journey will be able to access and see that Commitment. This way you can ensure that anyone else that you invite for another commitment (as Referee or Supporter) will only be able to see what you want them to see. 

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