Star a Commitment

IndividualStickers_YellowStar.pngSee a Commitment that you like? See a Commitment that you think is interesting? One that is funny? Or one that is inspiring? Star it.

Follow the Journey of like-minded goal setters and stay updated on their progress by Starring a Commitment. 

Whenever you are exploring the 'Who's stickKing' feed or one of our multiple Communities, you can star a Commitment and save it.

Think of starring a Commitment as bookmarking something of your interest, or following a trend online. 

To see the Commitment Contracts that you've starred:

  • On iOS/Android: select the Star icon (⭑) located at on the bottom navigation bar (next to the stickK icon). 
  • On web: from the left side navigation bar, select the 'Stars ⭑' Tab. 
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