I've been selected as a Referee for a Commitment Contract. Now what?

In sports, Referees are 'officials' who watch closely to ensure that the rules of the game are adhered to and followed by the players. If the rules are being followed by the players, Referees do not need to interfere. They are not the ones who play the game but instead the ones who ensure the game is played according to the rules. 

In a similar vein, a Referee is the appointed person that ensures that the rules of a Commitment Contract are being followed by the owner of a stickK Commitment. Just like in sports, Referees are not the players of the game, but instead the ones that verify the authenticity of your Reports - so Referees do not Report on your behalf, they simply confirm or deny whether or not you are playing by your own rules. 

Referees have the power to overturn your Reports in case they suspect that the rules are not being followed - so pick wisely! 


Referee Reports

Referees will only be prompted to submit a Report if the owner of the Commitment submits a 'Successful' report. If a Commitment owner submits an 'Unsuccessful' report, stickK takes their word for it and therefore does not ask for the Referee's arbitration. 

Once a Commitment owner submits a Report, the Referee will get notified and asked to verify the authenticity of the Report. 


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