How can I find out where my forfeited charity money went?

While we don’t allow users to select a specific charity as their Recipient of Stakes, we do take great care in compiling the list of charities we send our users’ lost stakes to. If you’ve selected Charity as your Recipient of Stakes, your lost stakes will go to one or more of the following organizations—all organizations listed below are registered 501(c)(3) charities:

• Doctors Without Borders
• American Red Cross
• US Fund for UNICEF
• The United Way
• American Diabetes Association
• Children International
• Donors Choose
• Scholarship America
• Charity Navigator
• National MS Society
• City Harvest
• Operation Smile
• Human Rights Watch
• Innovations for Poverty Action
• The DREAM Program

Note: stickK has not formed a partnership or any other relationship with these charities. We have merely identified them as recipients of unsolicited donations. As a result, the listing of a charity should not be interpreted as an endorsement of stickK by that charity.

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