I just created a Commitment Contract. Now what?

First and foremost, congratulations on creating a Commitment Contract! 

You've materialized your goal into actionable set of actions that will help you achieve what you want. While setting up a Commitment Contract is a very important step, your journey is only just beginning. We're here to make sure that you stickK to it.

Make sure to download our iOS or Android app to stay on track of your goals on-the-go.  

Accountability: The essence of a Commitment Contract 

A Commitment Contract is a voluntary, deliberate and binding agreement between present you and future you.

By creating a Commitment Contract, you put your goal in writing, set a deadline, and give yourself additional incentives to achieve it.

IndividualStickers_Check.pngReports: stickKing 101

The most important element of a Commitment Contract is Reporting. Reports establish whether or not you were successful on your goals in a specific period of time. 


If you have a Weekly Commitment: you're required to submit a Report once a week on your reporting day. This is to ensure you're being consistent with the goal you set yourself to do, and to help the habits stick(K). 


If you have a One-shot Commitment: you're required to submit a Report only once, at the end of your Commitment Contract. 


If you have a Daily Commitment: you're required to submit a Report once a day. Daily Commitments ensure that you're making constant progress and checking in frequently.  

For Weekly and One-shot Commitments, in case you fail to submit a Report on your reporting day, we'll give you an additional 48-hour grace period to submit your Report (so you'll technically have 72 hours to submit a report). If you don't report within this 72 hour window the Report will default to 'Unsuccessful'. To ensure consistency with reporting periods, Daily Commitment reports do not offer a grace period. Click here to learn more. 

Any lingering questions or doubts about Reports? Check out our Reporting FAQ.

If you'd like to submit proof or share anything related to your goal in between Reporting periods, you can always take advantage of the Commitment Journal.

IndividualStickers_Checklist02.pngCommitment Journal: A one-stop shop for your Commitment's progress

The Commitment Journal is a one-stop shop for you to share anything related to your Commitment's progress. It is intended for your followers (Referees & Supporters) but mainly for you: to see yourself grow.


Every Commitment Contract has a Commitment Journal. We highly encourage you to share your progress, jot down some notes, update your Supporters/Referee or add any progress pictures into your Commitment Journal.

👣Track your STEPS 👟
😄Track your MOOD 🤬
🏅Track your ACHIEVEMENTS (& your failures) 🚀⠀
📊Track your PROGRESS📈
😰Track your FEELINGS 😑⠀
🏋️‍♂️Track your WORKOUTS 🧘‍♀️
Share it on your Commitment Journal 📒and see yourself GROW!

This space is there for you to see yourself grow as you work on your goals. Share your mishaps, your successes, your feelings and any other relevant piece of information that you deem is related to your goal, your future self will thank you for that!

Having trouble accessing your Commitment Journal? Want to keep your Journals private? Learn more about the Commitment Journal

IndividualStickers_Referee.pngReferee: Your Accountability Partner

If you've been selected as the Referee of a Commitment Contract, click here to learn more about your role and duties. 

In sports, Referees are 'officials' who watch closely to ensure that the rules of the game are adhered to and followed by the players. If the rules are being followed by the players, Referees do not need to interfere. They are not the ones who play the game but instead the ones who ensure the game is played according to the rules. 

In a similar vein, a Referee is the appointed person that ensures that the rules of a Commitment Contract are being followed by the owner of a stickK Commitment. Just like in sports, stickK Referees are not the players of the game, but instead the ones that verify the authenticity of your Reports - so Referees do not report on your behalf, they simply confirm or deny whether or not you are playing by your own rules. 

Referees have the power to overturn your Reports in case they suspect that the rules are not being followed - so pick wisely! 

If you want to add, change or remove a Referee from your Commitment Contract, click here

IndividualStickers_Cheering.pngSupporters: Your personal cheerleaders 

Supporters are people you enlist to cheer you on as you strive to reach your goal. You get to choose which Supporters you'd like to invite each time you create a new Commitment Contract. You can choose the same Supporters for every contract you make, or select different ones each time. This way you can choose which friends are best suited to help you reach each of your goals. 

Supporters are able to track your progress and post comments in your Commitment Journal. They will also receive email notifications each time you report informing them of your results, so don't let them down!

Want other stickK users to support you on your goals? Turn on 'Auto-accept requests' to have them support you immediately!

Share your Commitment

IndividualStickers_PaperPlane.pngShare a Commitment with your friends on social media

Share your Commitment and your progress with your friends on social media directly from our iOS/Android app. 

IndividualStickers_CircularHands.pngstickKFlic: your Commitment story shared on video

A way to tell your story: create a short introduction, a one-time video announcement of your Commitment Contract. 

A change to engage: show your friends and the world how committed you are. 

Something to share: stickKFlics are added to stickK's YouTube channel to easily share with the world. All videos undergo a review process based on our stickKFlic Guidelines and must adhere to our Code of Conduct

Head over to our YouTube channel to see other goal setters like you share their Commitment stories through video. 

Get inspired: Explore other Commitments & Communities

IndividualStickers_YellowStar.pngStar a Commitment

See a Commitment that you like? See a Commitment that you think is interesting? One that is funny? Or one that is inspiring? Star it.

Follow the Journey of like-minded goal setters and stay updated on their progress by Starring a Commitment. 

Whenever you are exploring the 'Who's stickKing' feed or one of our multiple Communities, you can star a Commitment and save it. Read more about Starring a commitment. 

Think of starring a Commitment as bookmarking something of your interest, or following a trend online. 


A stickK Community is an organized group of individual users who share common goals. We believe that strength lies in numbers, and we created our Communities to prove it.

Communities offer expert content and a network of support all aimed at helping you achieve your goal. You can link up with people in your area (and around the world) who share your commitments, exchange ideas and find advice on how to better achieve your goals. Check out our Communities!

When you create your Commitment Contracts, you can select up to three Communities to join. Once created, your Commitment will be featured in each Community (if the Commitment Privacy settings are set to 'public')

Need help? 

Check out our Help Center for more information regarding our platform. You can also contact us with any questions, doubts or feedback you might have. 

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