Instructions: 30 Day Roll out of Bed Challenge


Welcome to the KOFIT x sticKK #30DayRollOutOfBedChallenge !

30 Days. 30 Home Workouts. Zero Equipment Needed! Each day roll out of bed and do a home workout on the KOFIT app. Top three participants will have all expenses paid trip to Hollywood to hang with the Kodjoe's! 


Participants must live in the United States to be eligible for the prize. Participants must also enroll on the challenge to be eligible for the prize. 

How to Enroll in the Challenge

  1. Download the KOFIT app (available on iOS and Android) & the stickK app
  2. Register on stickK and Join the KOFIT Challenge by August 8 to be eligible for the grand prize.
    • To join the Challenge on stickK, Head over to or enter the code 'KOFIT' when you create a Commitment to unlock the Challenge.
  3. Select the 'Roll out of bed with KOFIT for 30 days' Commitment and follow the on-screen instructions to create your goal.
  4. Once your stickK goal has been created, post a screenshot of the KOFIT app on your stickK Commitment Journal to verify enrollment. Registration and enrollment must be completed by August 8th.
  5. Follow @kofitfamilyapp and @sticKK on Instagram for updates and daily workout routines. 

How to Participate (and win!) the Challenge

Starting August 1st, workout with the Kodjoe's for 30 days using KOFIT. 

Every day for 30 days, a 5 minute workout video will be posted on @kofitfamilyapp's Instagram and on the KOFIT app - available on iOS and on Android
  1. Watch the routine and do it!
  2. Once you're done with the routine, log your progress in your stickK Commitment Journal every time you work out. Take pictures of your progress and share them on Instagram, right from the stickK App. (see next step for more info)
  3. Make sure to tag @kofitfamilyapp and @stickk on Instagram with the hashtag #30DayRollOutOfBedChallenge after your workouts. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos of you throughout the 30 day process, as our teams will be following your progress! Here's how to share them: 
    • IMG_0024.jpg  IMG_0025.PNGIMG_0026.PNG   IMG_0027.PNGIMG_0028.PNG . IMG_0030.PNG
  4. Keep an eye out for emails or notifications from stickK, as you'll be expected to submit a weekly Report on your progress. Reports help ensure consistency and increase accountability.

Submit your last reflections 

After you complete the 30 day challenge, make a stickKFlic: a 60 second or less video detailing what you learned from the challenge, what healthy habits you developed, and how this challenge made you feel. Make sure to add your pictures to the video. Please include your friends, family, and children if they participated in the challenge with you. 

You must post your video to the stickK platform between September 1st - September 10th to be eligible. If you're having trouble submitting a stickKFlic, or if your Commitment Contract has ended, you can also post your videos on Instagram, but make sure to tag @kofitfamilyapp #healthyhabitschallenge and @stickk to be eligible. 

Challenge Results and Announcement of the Winner

We will choose a winner by September 15th. The top three participants will receive an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with the Kodjoe's, have dinner, and get the chance to record workouts for the KOFIT app. 
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